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Association Kokopelli, a non-profit making organization in France, was set up in 1999 to take up the torch of Terre de Semences in France which was forced to close down following the enforcement of a ministerial decree (issue by the French Ministry of Agriculture) imposing draconian conditions for the legal registration of heirloom vegetable varieties in a "National List for Amateur Varieties". Association Kokopelli is involved in the protection of biodiversity and in the production and distribution of organic and biodynamic seeds.

Contact in France


The seat of the organization is in Alès, in the southern part of France (50 km north of Montpellier and 60 km west of Avignon). Our very enthusiastic team in Alès is devoted to:

- the stocking of the seeds received from the network of seed growers.
- the printing in 6 languages of our kraf-paper seed packets.
- the packaging of the seeds.
- the management of the mail-orders (seeds, posters and books).
- the management of information towards the members and customers.

Association Kokopelli

Oasis. 131 impasse des Palmiers
30100 Alès

Tél : 00 33 4 66 30 64 91 or 00 33 4 66 30 00 55
Fax : 00 33 4 66 30 61 21
Email :

In France, Dominique Guillet is taking care of the writing of the books and brochures, of the relations with journalists, of the management of the seed grower network and of the management of the seed savers network. For any request in English language, please phone or e-mail to Dominique.

Dominique can be contacted in Aubenas (Ardèche).
Phone: 00 33 4 75 93 53 34
E mail:

Contact in Belgium

Isabelle and Roland Devaux are managing the Belgium branch of Kokopelli

Terre potagère - Semences de Kokopelli
Isabelle et Roland Devaux
rue Fontena, 1 B-5374 Maffe(Havelange)
Email :
Tél/Fax : 086.323172

Contact in Brazil


Etienne Vernet is managing the creation of the Brazilian branch of Kokopelli


Contact in Germany


Andrea Fischer is managing the creation of the German branch of Kokopelli

Andrea Fischer
Magdalenenweg 7a
90574 Roßtal
Tel/Fax: 0049 (0) 9127/57 91 37
E-mail :

Contact in the United Kingdom

Chris Baur is managing the UK branch of Kokopelli.

Association Kokopelli

Chris Baur. Ripple Farm.
Crundale. Canterbury. Kent. CT4 7EB. England.

Phone : 01227 731815 . Fax 01227 730 790.

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